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EMF Assessments

Electromagnetic Fields Assessment

As part of managing health and safety you need to control the risks in the workplace under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. This includes considering any risks arising from exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) which may require an EMF site survey.

The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work  Regulations 2016 (CEMFAW)  require an assessment of employees exposure to EMFs with reference to action levels (ALs) and exposure limit values (ELVs).

EMF Site Survey

The regulations limit exposure to electromagnetic fields known to cause adverse health effects and requires employers to assess exposures, keep records and undertake corrective action where limits are exceeded in the workplace.

Some examples of sources of EMF in the workplace include:

  • Induction heaters
  • Dielectric heating
  • Industrial microwave ovens and microwave drying
  • Welding
  • Power generation, distribution and transmission
  • MRI/NMR medical diagnostic equipment
  • Foundries
  • Handheld electric tools

The list of equipment, processes and systems where EMF can be generated is extensive.

We are experienced in conducting EMF surveys using calibrated field probes, in accordance to HSE’s HSG281 Electromagnetic fields at work: A guide to the (CEMFAW) Regulations 2016. 

EMF surveys will include exposure measurements and any necessary recommendations and information required to enable the formulation of an action plan for controlling EMF exposure, in accordance with the (CEMFAW)  Regulations 2016.