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EHS Auditing

EHS Auditing Services Cannock

EHS auditing refers to Environmental, Health & Safety. Auditing is a crucial part in the evaluation of performance in terms of regulation standards and legal requirements. At WG Safety, we offer EHS Auditing services that work with the goals and objectives of your business, with the focus being to reduce and prevent accidents and incidents in the workplace.

We offer experienced auditors who are able to conduct various kinds of audits, such as legal compliance audits, audits of a company’s own internal health, safety and environmental systems and audits against recognised international standards (for example, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001).

The industry sectors we audit include;

Health And Safety Auditors Cannock

We are able to provide these services to a range of different industry sectors, including the automotive industry, warehousing and transport, foundries, food production, and engineering and manufacturing plants. Based in Cannock, we can carry out these services in and around this area, as well as throughout the rest of the UK.

Once we have carried out our Environmental, Health and Safety auditing, we provide you with an audit report. We try to make these concise and informative, offering practical instructions, which are structured in a format that enables the information to be clearly communicated. It will indicate where any gaps lie.

The information will be obtained from discussions with key individuals (including managers and employees), as well as from observation of processes, practices and documentation that has been gathered during the course of the visit. When we issue your audit report, we will keep a copy on our cloud based system, so you can see a digital copy if needed in future. Get in touch today to find out more about our Environmental, Health and Safety auditing services in Cannock.