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Occupational Hygiene Services Cannock

What is Occupational Hygiene?

The many types of materials and machinery we use as well as the environments we are exposed to can have an impact on the workforce.  When it comes to health and safety, the life of a person is of paramount concern.  It is not enough just to prevent a loss of life, but it involves the overall health (hygiene) of your employees. Therefore, not only do we consider the material losses and dangers that can come about when a risk occurs, but we consider each member of staff within an organisation.  When implementing the various controls that can be put in place to reduce exposure to potentially harmful and damaging environments, this aspect of health and safety law is known as occupational hygiene.

To be more specific, occupational hygiene is the practise of assessing, evaluating, monitoring and implementing controls and providing suitable protection from hazards that may cause injury and/or illness.  Although, the general public and the environment should be an important aspect of health and safety law, this is primarily concerned with the staff and contractors that hold an occupation within the workplace.

To illustrate the ways in which occupation hygiene services, Cannock based industries and construction teams can have carried out, we will provide three scenarios in which we use this practise to support you in providing suitable protection for your workforce.

Occupational Hygiene Services Cannock

When you have machinery that vibrates, staff and contractors may be subjected to whole body vibration exposure.  The risks to this include stomach problems, headaches, excessive tiredness and a loss of balance which can result in falls.  In some cases, avoiding the use of equipment that vibrates in unavoidable, so here are some measures that can be put in place to reduce or eliminate the risk.

Whole Body Vibration Assessment Cannock

With a whole-body vibration assessment, Cannock companies can have the controls and specific actions laid out in a documentation for all to adhere to.  These controls may be a time limit spent by your workers using the machinery, or time spent situated upon a vibrating surface.  You may also be able to isolate the equipment or surface to prevent exposure to surrounding workers, by using a damping platform or surround.  Making sure that all of the machinery is kept in good repair may also help to avoid excessive vibration.

Workplace Noise Assessment Cannock

Here at WG Safety we will also carry out a workplace noise assessment, Cannock businesses can employ when equipment and such as drills, and factory equipment such as production lines and printing presses, are within the work setting.  Constant exposure, and in extreme cases short exposure, to a noisy workplace can have a huge impact on a person’s hearing now and into their future.  Hearing loss, as well as other conditions such as tinnitus, can seriously impact on a person’s life.  To support your staff’s occupational health, the provision and use of PPE is essential.  Ear plugs, noise cancelling headphones, and muffs can be easily acquired.  You can also implement other measures, such as sound proofing a room and making sure the amount of time spent in the vicinity of the noise is kept to a minimum.

Air Monitoring Services Cannock

We can also provide air monitoring services, Cannock management require, to make sure that no one is exposed to dangerous fumes, gases or dusty environments.  Various materials, such as fibre glass can do serious damage when inhaled.  Allergies, asthma, and even pneumonia can be caused by any number of different substances in the air.  Ventilation and PPE such as masks can make a huge difference to the safety of your staff.

For occupational hygiene where we carry out noise, vibration or indoor air quality assessments, Cannock industries can contact WG Safety today.