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Workplace Noise Assessment

Why Take a Workplace Noise Assessment?

First and foremost, carrying out risk assessments in the workplace is there to protect everyone. It is a legal obligation for all relevant industries to carry out noise assessments whereby there is a risk that the workforce will be exposed to excessive noise. A noise assessment enables you to report on how noise affects the health and safety of your workforce, identifying any required measures that should be taken to make sure that noise levels meet the requirements of the regulations.

Workplace Noise Assessments

What Constitutes a Noise Assessment?

By carrying out a noise at work risk assessment, it can be determined which workers are at risk of hearing loss, what noise sources and processes are causing that risk, what kind of noise control measures could be implemented, what the existing control measures are, and how effective they are. Employers must provide hearing protection and also designated mandatory hearing protection zones if the average daily noise level are at or above 85 dB(A). If daily average noise levels are between 80-84 dB(A) an advisory hearing protection zone can be designated.

Our noise assessment reports detail if any employee has exceeded either the daily or peak noise lower/upper exposure action values, or the exposure limit values and provide detailed recommendations to reduce noise to the lowest levels reasonably practicable. Additionally, where noise levels vary on a daily basis, weekly noise exposure would be measured instead to determine the level of risk within the workplace.

Noise risk assessment reports should be shared with managers, health, and safety representatives and regulators, where appropriate to ensure that noise levels are acceptable, with main conclusions communicated through training. Health surveillance, in the form of audiometric testing is required for workers assessed at or above the daily Upper Exposure Action Value of 85 dB(A) or peak Upper Exposure Action Value of 137 dB(C).

Noise Assessment Services

Rules for Who Can Carry out a Workplace Noise Assessment

Here at WG Safety, we can provide skilled and experienced team to carry out noise assessments. In order to competently carry out the task at hand, it is necessary to understand what is required by The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, to knows how to check the performance of the instruments and how to take the measurements properly. Furthermore, they should be able to interpret the results of the noise measurements.

Our team of noise consultants are qualified to the Institute of Acoustics Diploma level and are members of the British Occupational Hygiene Society. We have experience performing such assessments in a variety of industries. We make sure to use the latest technology, implementing type I sound level meters and dosimeters with audible capabilities for capturing peak noise, all calibrated to current industry standards and guidance. After the assessment, our goal is to reduce the noise through technical and organisational measures, through the recommendations outlined in our reports. These action points may allude to changing the workplace design and layout, reducing exposure through job rotations, and noise control measures.

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