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Lighting Assessments

The Advantages of Lighting Assessments

Here at WG Safety, we specialise in offering health and safety, and environmental consultancy throughout the UK, from our base in Cannock, Staffordshire. As part of our services, we can provide you with lighting assessments. Today we are going to turn our attention to our provision of lighting assessments, looking at what the advantages may be for your workplace. Read on to find out how such assessments can benefit the health and safety of the workforce as well as how the operates business as whole, enabling you to manage any potential risks by following our recommendations.

Lighting Assessments

Putting Health and Safety First

Lighting is an area that is often taken for granted, but is extremely vital for staff health and safety in the workplace. By having the right lighting, any hazards can be spotted easily, making it possible to quickly avoid any potentially dangerous situation. By carrying out lighting assessments, you are putting your staff first.

Comply with Legal Requirement for Lighting Assessments 

Although your staff should come first when thinking of lighting assessments, it is also required by low to ensure the safety of a workplace’s staff and others who may visit the premises. The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) requires employers to have arrangements in place such as regular lighting assessments to ensure the health and safety of the workplace and those within it. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999) requires an assessment, control and review of workplace risks. This includes consideration of lighting which needs to be suitable and adequate to meet the requirements of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. By opting for this service, you are making sure your company is legally compliant. 

Health and Safety Lighting

Manage Risks within the Workplace

When we carry out a lighting assessment at your place of work, we are able to provide you with a survey, emphasising any areas of concern. This enables you to manage any risks within the workplace. Poorly lit areas can lead to accidents and injuries, as well as reduced staff efficiency. This could also impact the business if employees need time off work to recover from any injuries. We are able to perform both day and night lighting surveys, which work by using a handheld digital light meter. This gives a reading for the light levels, allowing us to check the company’s compliance with HSE minimum lighting recommendations, which can be found in HSG38 “Lighting at work” (second edition – 2002). This then gives you opportunity to fix any light hazards and risks in the workplace as we are able to provide recommendations regarding the light levels and any necessary maintenance requirements.

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